The short answer is you should avoid taking your children if at all possible. Tunica is a pure gambling destination so there isn’t going to be a lot to keep your kids entertained. However, if you are planning a short trip depending on their age you might be able to keep them occupied for a couple of days. Recently I had business in Memphis so rather than pay for rooms in Memphis I used my comps to stay in Tunica. My teenagers were on break from school, and they decided they wanted to go with me rather than sit at home. So I took my 17 year old and 18 year old year girls with me. We spent one night at the Hollywood and two nights at Harrah’s. The girls hated it as there was absolutely nothing for them to do but sit in the room watch the TV and surf the Internet. I think the only other thing they found to do was play pool in the Veranda’s lobby as they had a couple of pool tables set up there. To this day whenever I mention I am going to Tunica, the girls are sure to remind me of how much they hated that place. My 17 year old had been to Biloxi when she was 15 and she thought Biloxi was ok because it is basically a beach town. I also took both the girls with me to Las Vegas when they were 18 and 19 and they absolutely loved it. To this day they keep asking me when they can go back Las Vegas with me. So as far as gaming destinations go Tunica is probably one of the worst for kids if not the worst.

If you kids are a bit younger than my two teenagers were at the time of their trip to Tunica, you might be able to keep them occupied during the day at the Kid’s Quest on the grounds of Harrah’s. In the summer you have the swimming pools, but keep in mind in most cases the kids have to be 18 or accompanied by someone who is before they are allowed at the pool. Also worth mentioning is the Hollywood has a indoor pool that is open year round.

The final concern with kids in Tunica is most of the dining options in Tunica are inside the casino part of the hotels and every time you want to dine at one of those options with your kids security will have to escort the kids across the casino floor to get to the restaurants. Overall there are really not a lot of kid friendly options in Tunica, and I think as my girls will attest three days in Tunica is three days too many for most kids.

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